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Mondopoint (foot length), mm
Длины стопы и колодки
длина стопы в миллиметрах
длина стопы в сантиметрах
длина стопы в дюймах
длина колодки в миллиметрах
длина колодки в сантиметрах
длина колодки в дюймах
Размеры обуви в континентальной Европе и на Ближнем Востоке
европейский размер обуви
The sizes of footwear in Russia and the CIS (the countries of the former USSR)
Traditional scale
Size in centimeters
Size in accordance with GOST (in mm)
Shoe sizes in Asia
Asian Shoe Size
Shoe sizes in Brazil
Brazilian shoe size
USA and Canada, the standard sizes of shoes
The size of men's shoes
The size of women's shoes
The size of women's shoes (FIA)
The size of children's shoes
Shoe sizes in the UK and Ireland
Adult shoe sizes
Children shoe sizes
Shoe sizes in Hong Kong
Shoe size in Hong Kong
Shoe sizes in Mexico
размер обуви (шкала)
размер стопы в дюймах
размер стопы в см
Размеры обуви в Австралии и Новой Зеландии
размер мужской обуви
размер женской обуви
размер детской обуви

Sizing systems in different countries are based on different measurements: size of the foot, length of the shoe, length of the inner space of shoe, etc. Scales are also very different. Some manufacturers, although they use the same scale, make some changes each time. Whether shoes fit in size, depends not only on length, but also on width, as well as on other characteristics of the model. Therefore, the universal recommendation is simple - always try on shoes before buying, not relying only on the specified size.